Farhaad Wadia - Managing Partner

Farhaad Wadia is the Founder and Managing Partner of Variant Equity, where he oversees all aspects of Variant Equity’s acquisition, operational, and administrative functions. Mr. Wadia is an active participant in the firm's acquisition process and the ongoing support of portfolio companies, where he provides strategic oversight and guidance in the execution and negotiation of acquisition, divesture and financing transactions, as well as post-close strategic direction for the firm's investments. In his role, Mr. Wadia also serves as the Chairperson of Variant’s Investment Committee.

Ryan Kanaley - Vice President

Ryan Kanaley is a Vice President at Variant Equity, where he focuses on sourcing new acquisition opportunities and all execution aspects of acquisition and divestiture transactions for the firm. Mr. Kanaley serves as an advisor to Variant Equity’s portfolio companies, assisting management in key strategic initiatives including divestiture, add-on acquisitions, refinancing transactions, as well as general post-acquisition monitoring and support.

Dan Vercillo - Vice President

Dan Vercillo is a Vice President at Variant Equity primarily responsible for buy and sell side due diligence and supporting all aspects of sourcing, evaluating, executing, and financing of existing and new deal opportunities. In addition, Mr. Vercillo provides broader financial management and monitoring to portfolio companies.

Chris Iorillo - Vice President and General Counsel

Chris Iorillo is a Vice President and the General Counsel at Variant Equity, where he oversees the legal department, provides legal support for its funds, and oversees the legal affairs of the firm's portfolio companies. In addition, Mr. Iorillo provides legal and strategic advice on transactions, litigation, regulatory compliance, and information technology matters.

CJ Faulwell - Associate

CJ Faulwell is an Associate at Variant Equity, where he is primarily focused on M&A execution for acquisition and divestiture transactions and sourcing new opportunities. Mr. Faulwell also assists Variant Equity's portfolio companies by providing strategic advisory as well as monitoring and special initiative support.

Brian Vargo - Operating Partner

Brian Vargo is an Operating Partner at Variant Equity, where he focuses on post-acquisition integration and optimization.  Mr. Vargo serves as an advisor to Variant Equity’s portfolio companies, assisting management in financial and accounting technical issues, process improvements, and system implementations as well as ongoing operational support.

Cory Willis - Operating Partner

Cory Willis is an Operating Partner for Variant Equity, where he assists the firm’s portfolio companies and their management teams in creating lasting value through organic growth and disciplined fiscal management.